Quinta da Cruz – Centro de Arte Contemporânea

Quinta da Cruz – Centro de Arte Contemporânea

IV International Mail Art Open Call [ PREVIOUS OPEN CALL ]

The Mail Art project promotes the democratic participation of artistic practices, through the reactivation of an expression that had its peak, in an alternative way to the conventional means of art exhibitions, in the 60s / 70s. Annually, an international open call is created and an exhibition is held with the received artwork.

It furthermore legitimates, that artistic production is a preponderant expression for the creation of dialogue spaces, places of "rupture", reinvention and boldness. Through this call, the transformative, inclusive and participatory role of art is implicit. The route of these works is interpreted and intervened throughout this postal journey. More than an annual call, this project claims a model of collaborative work with the goal of constituting and giving visibility to collections of this nature.

In 2021, VISEU valued natural attributes and the relationship with the "environment". The IV OPEN CALL was directed to the theme VISEU Garden - City.

We launched an invitation to artists and to everyone else interested in Mail Art to send their artwork and join in the IV Edition of this open call.

theme » VISEU cidade – jardim [Viseu garden - city]

exhibition » 2022 // precise date to be set further on

exhibition address » Museu Quinta da Cruz | Estrada de São Salvador | 3510-784 São Salvador | Viseu, PORTUGAL